Martin Saber Takedown Bow, 50-Pound, Camouflage

  1. Including the more advanced Saber handle with two integrated Vibration Vortex V.E.M.'s mounted in the riser and the Thermal V protective dampening grip for a vibration free shot.

  2. A smooth draw, a powerful shot, a durable riser, and a comfortable grip.

  3. You can easily remove limbs from the riser for convenient transport and storage.

  4. Laminated wood and glass limbs offer a smooth draw

SKB Deluxe Double Recurve Archery Case

  1. Designed to accommodate two recurve bow risers and two sets of limbs.

  2. Internal Dimensions: 42" x 14" x 6"; Weight: 27 lbs.

  3. Arrow Storage for up to 24 arrows.

  4. Molded HDPE Shell

  5. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

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Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow 55lb

  1. The Sage gives you more bow for your buck! This no tools take-down recurve is 62", and features AMO bushings already installed. Plus, it has a nice radiused shelf design for those who shoot off the shelf. You can't beat the price and performance of this attractive, well-designed bow.

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow Fishing Kit 50-Pound, Camouflage

  1. Laminated wood and glass limbs offer a smooth draw

  2. Features a comfortable grip

  3. You can easily remove limbs from the riser for convenient transport and storage

  4. 50-Pound draw weight

  5. Ideal choice for the serious archer

Ragim Wildcat 62" Wood Take-Down Recurve

  1. Italian Quality

  2. Although best fit for ages 8 and up this bow can be shot by the entire family.

  3. Hundreds of satisfied archers and camp & school programs have bought this bow.

  4. Same Quality As The PSE Buckeye With Nicer Looking Wood Handle

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Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow 45lb

  1. Right Hand

  2. Drilled & Tapped for Sights / Arrow Rest

  3. No Tools Required

Spectre Compact Take-down Survival Bow and Arrow Set

  1. Compact take down design made in the USA

  2. 50/55 lb draw

  3. PVC riser and fiberglass limbs

  4. arrow rest included

  5. Comes with 4 arrows and carrying case

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A Takedown Bow in action.

A Takedown Bow in normally much more powerful and larger than normal bows.

A Takedown Bow is great for the keen hunter.